theory – life’s true treasures


After practically being chased away from Aunt Nellie’s party yesterday afternoon, we all left disappointed (the invite that we had not received had declared “no kids allowed,” and the reasoning: breakables).


The rain fell as we past a near-by park.  A beautiful park in Orem.  Despite the rain, the kiddos, designer, and I couldn’t resist, and soon found the rain and our wet bums from the slides and swings, quite therapeutic. 


Soon, the sadness had left and gratitude filled my heart.   Admiration for those in this world who have chosen to love and make room for those things in life that matter most: children.

arborist in the making

arborist in the making

As a new momma, I remember panicking whenever in a new home with the toddler builder.  Worried that he would touch an untouchable or break a breakable, I was nervous to go in unfamiliar homes. 


The first time we arrived at my parent’s with the newly walking builder, my siblings, parents, and I marveled at how the house had become less kid-proof over the years.  Every time we visited, my mom and dezzer spent time before we arrived, making sure our nerves would be comfortable.  Though she was worried about the explorer and the new kitchen cabinets last week, she had overly prepared for us, and I was ever so grateful.

please help me on the rings!

please help me on the rings!

Not too long ago, the designer and I had a discussion about small kiddos and possessions.  I never want to have a home where kiddos aren’t comfortable or that is un-kid-proof.  As our kiddos grow, I hope friends with small kiddos will still come to visit.  And in the not-so-distant future (I know…it all passes so quickly), I hope that grand-kiddos will come to visit. 

walkin' with one hand still

walkin' with one hand still

They will always be the most important thing.  I never want to own something that is more important than kiddos.  As much as I treasure our cherished hand-made star (in the first photo), I would never trade it for the happiness of my kiddos.  It is in clear view, but up high, and out of reach.  We have talked about taking care, yet if it broke, it is not as important as the kiddos.

a great place to hide from the rain

a great place to hide from the rain

I want to be like my Grandma Lois…when the builder broke an Easter decoration last year, I cried.  She cared more for us than the ceramic decoration.  She knew what was most important, and taught me a great lesson that day.  Her happiness was not in her things, but in the visit of her grand-daughter and great-grand-kiddos.   What a blessing in my life.  I’ll write more about her soon (she is an amazing woman!).

"this is my favorite part of today!"

"this is my favorite part of today!"

So a week before the great Mother’s Day, this momma wants to thank those beautiful souls in this world, in my life and yours…those who cherish the true treasures in this life: children!

2 thoughts on “theory – life’s true treasures

    • Hi beautiful.
      As you know, Matt’s mother’s were Debra and Mary Lois. He learned what a beautiful woman is by watching them. That, my dear Rebecca, is why he chose you. There are so many things I love about them, and I see it in you as well. Hope you enjoy Mother’s Day this week! luv you, trina

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