kiddo daily delight – the fox went out on a chilly night by peter spier


The builder chose The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night at the library.  As I began to read it to the kiddos, I realized it was the poem to one of my favorite  Nickle Creek songs!  Of course I began singing the story. 

The kiddos are so funny.  Sometimes they are too serious about story time.  They insisted that I read, not sing.  🙂


After we read together, I blind folded the kiddos and let them smell and touch fruit, veggies…anything I could find.  They were like little foxes investigating their prey. 


And of course they had to eat anything their foxy noses liked!


After a little snack, the builder had me close my eyes and brought me the fruit and veggies to guess.  He even brought me the peel from the onion that had fallen off.  🙂

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