kiddo daily delight – rachenka’s eggs by patricia polacco


Patricia Polacco was mentioned among favorite children’s books in the painting giveaway last month.  She is delightful!  Rachenka’s Eggs is a wonderful story just in time for Easter. 

While dancing in college, I fell in love with the cultures and traditions of people all around the world.  One semester I took a class from a favorite instructor, Colleen Anderson West, solely on UkrainianFolk Dance.  Colleen invited us to learn more than the traditional dance of the people.  We learned about their famous painted eggs, traditional food (we even had a Ukrainian feast tasting one class…it was delicious), and history of their people. 


Rachenka’s Eggsis all about a traditional Ukrainian/Eastern European character: Babushka, her geese, and those famous Ukrainian painted eggs.  Babushka loves to paint eggs and win first place at Easter.  She finds an injured goose, nurses it back to health and watches it lay an egg each day.  As the goose heals it flys through the house, breaking Babushka’s paints and eggs that have been painted.  Babushka is devastated until the goose lays magically painted eggs.  Definitely check out this great story!

I wanted to try out a special egg dying project with the kiddos this week, but as we are moving, and things are a bit crazy, I’ll share this now just in case we don’t get to it.  Enjoy!

The idea comes from Our Best Bites, a culinary dream site.  Click here for the full post.

Here were some of my favorite photos from their post:



and my favorite egg of the bunch…


Have you done tie dye eggs before?  How did it go?  Any suggestions?

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