kiddo daily delight – the great easter egg hunt and a guest mom post


Fourteen years ago, I was enjoying my freshman year, living in the dorms.  There were so many wonderful people to meet, though 6 of us converged and became the “Steel Ladies.”  Though we all had our own paths to follow, we tended to live near or with one another the next four years.  One of those fantastic gals: Christy Wilson

I count myself blessed and fortunate to have her friendship.  We’ve shared good times from water ballooning our guy friends that lived a couple floors up (waking poor Gabe, “these things only happen in high school!”), to cooking together, being the B, Y, & U wearing skin colored leotards, aka “naked girls” at the football games, and just having the times of our lives.  She married the man of her dreams, has 3 beautiful girlies, one darling boy, and one girlie on the way…AND she is an amazing momma!  Here is an Easter decoration she and her kiddos made recently:



1. Whenever we were going to be using eggs for cooking, we gently pierced the top with a skewer and then ran it through to the other side (to make another hole and break the yolk so it would come out).

2. Then we blew the eggs out like blowing up a balloon (this would be a good Mom job- it can be tough for kiddos and the eggs are pretty fragile. My 8-year-old could do it but not my younger ones).

3. Once we had enough eggs (about 12-18) we got our egg dye ready. For simplicity, we just purchased an inexpensive egg dye kit from Target that had a little crayon that the kiddos could use to make their own designs on the eggs before we dyed them.

4. Once all our eggs were dyed we tied some thread to a small bead and hot-glued the bead to the top of the egg.

5. Then we found a small branch outside. We hot-glued some small, green leaves we had cut out of construction paper and a few small fake flowers to it.

6. We tied the eggs at different lengths and intervals and hung it from the light above our kitchen table.

The kids love looking at it and all the eggs they designed and it’s a fun, inexpensive Easter decoration. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Christy, you’re such a SuperMom!  laya!

A fun read to accompany this egg-cellent adventure, try The Great Easter Egg Hunt by Michael Garland.  It’s a fun hide-n-seek game for the readers, something your older children and younger children alike will enjoy.  There are animals to find, puzzles to solve, “Happy Easter” written in 14 different languages, other holiday icons.


You’ll enjoy this book time and again.

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