theory – survival skills: obtainable expectations


We’re moving.  Yes, moving…back to our condo, not far: across the valley (8 miles I think).  The designer just finished school last night, we’ve got preschool here this week, and again after Spring Break.  I’m planning parties for the designer’s graduation, the builder’s 4th birthday, and just went to a planning meeting with the Friends of the Library, to prepare for the Annual Library Picnic (this year there will be a kiddo daily delights booth with storytelling & activities, if you’re in town June 20th come!) 

I’m a bit tense just thinking of it all.  But I bet if you wrote to me all that is on your plate this glorious month of April, your list would also make me tense!  🙂

So how do we survive these stressful times?  There is one survival skill I am working on this week, that I hope will help me through the rest of April: setting obtainable expectations. 

No, not lowering my expectations, for nothing will get accomplished.  But making sure my list each day is doable, and not beating myself up about the little I accomplish each day.   (I know, it’s soo easy to be hard on ourselves!)

Sara & Baby Will

Sara & Baby Will

Yesterday morning, Sara and I took our 5 kiddos 3 years and younger to the Children’s Museum.  We met Lesa who also has three little ones (4, 2, and 8 months).   I’ve written before about our museum adventures realizing that sometimes you just can’t plan enough.  Well our morning began a bit rocky (or humorously, you might say). 

It was snowing, and Sara’s husband, Tom had made it into Salt Lake: his 45 minute commute taking an hour and a half.  Something about a diesel accident in Parley’s Canyon.  We decided to go anyways, knowing that it might be slow going.  But we thought it might be a great time for the babies to get a nap.  The kiddos and I left a few things undone at home, but made it to Sara’s at our planned disembarkment time of 9:15. 

happy Jake

happy Jake

(Why is the most difficult time of the day getting everyone dressed, packed and in the car?  It just is.  I have to remind myself this all the time.) 

Jackie (Tom’s mom) came out with baby Will, but Jack was in time-out.  No, he was stuck: in his room.  The door had been locked by accident.  Jackie went to rescue him as Sara needed help.  Will was situated, playing happily and winding down for his morning nap.  Jack’s car-seat was ready to go…but still no Jack.  No matter, the longer we wait, the better our chances of missing the traffic right?

And then came Jack, a bit upset, (and rightfully so, I would be scared being locked in my room).  Off we went.  Sara explained that Jackie had to unscrew the doorknob to get the door open!  🙂  We got a good laugh out of that. 

the explorer & the hand dryer

the explorer & the hand dryer

The roads were fairly nice, the traffic not bad, and we headed toward Salt Lake. 

Because the dancer is still getting used to only wearing her princess underwear, I had brought an extra pair of pants and a couple pair of underwear (oh, and I reminded myself that she would be busy, in a irregular place, and more likely to have an accident). 

As we were reaching the end of Parley’s Canyon, the dancer announced that she needed to go potty.  “Me too,” exclaimed the builder.  I asked if they could wait until the museum, but they absolutely objected. I looked to the right, and swerved to make the exit (there are few in Parley’s Canyon), grateful that we were near one!

the dancer doing some shopping

the dancer doing some shopping

It was very windy, and still snowing.  The builder has gone potty outside of the car while traveling when there is no where else to go, but not the dancer.  I told myself that either she’ll go and it will be messy, or she’ll be too darn cold.  I thought of my sisters and I, peeing in the snow on our way to Grandma & Grandpa Jack’s sheep ranch. 

The builder knew what to do.  We got behind the mini van (for the wind was the least powerful there…of course it was also the best viewing point for passers by).  I held the dancer, and to my surprise, she peed, a lot!  And yes, it blew with the wind, a bit messy.  But she did it.  How amazing.

As we returned to the car, mission accomplished, Sara was laughing, “I wondered how you were going to do that, I can’t believe she went!”

the builder with more than he can handle

the builder with more than he can handle

The museum was wonderful as always.  And I didn’t lose any of the kiddos (at least, not for long :))!  It was a great trip.  On the way home, all 5 fell asleep in the car.  I reminded myself not to expect them to nap when we got home.  That, we would all be tired and a bit cranky.

Truly the case, but we handled it better since my expectations were more reasonable.  I’m praying this will be the case these next few weeks, and sending happy thoughts to those of you who are just as busy and overwhelmed!

How do you handle stress?  What tricks have you learned?

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