kiddo daily delight – whose garden is it by mary ann hoberman


The theme in preschool today was seeds.  Sara brought apples, oranges, bananas, and a peach to have the kids open and look for the seeds as they ate their snack.  During music & movement, they chose seeds and we sang Once There Was A Snowman, changing it to “once there was an apple (orange/peach) seed…and it grew, grew, grew…  They loved getting small in a tight ball and then growing and reaching.  🙂  Their main activity today began with “Whose Garden Is it” by Mary Ann Hoberman.  I love the story because it shows how integral a garden is…how many bugs, animals, people enjoy and live in a garden.  Using cilantro seeds (in hopes that they will be quick growers), they went outside, found some good soil in the garden, and planted their seeds.



Thanks for the fun activity Sara!


Click hereto read this book on Google books.  🙂

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