discovery – hi mcnaughton’s call to do the simple part II


As I was re-reading my notes the other day, I realized that there were some gems form Hy’s talk/presentation, that I had not recorded, so here are a few more gifts from Hy:

receiving the gift – Hy talked about the gifts that we are given that we don’t fully receive.  When we are taught a wonderful tool, we must use it to truly receive it.  She invited us all to receive the gifts that we are given in our lives. (What a better reason to record her wisdom?)

Dr. Lund’s thank you journal– Hy had been to a series of relationship classes taught by Dr. John Lund.  One of the suggestions was to have a journal written between spouses each day, thanking each other, writing love notes, etc.  Hy says that she thought it was something her husband would never do.  After the class he brought it up and said he thought it was a good idea.  For the next 6 months, until he died, they wrote sweet notes to one another daily.  Not only was it a precious thing then, but also now, as she goes back and reads what they wrote to one another. 

I would like to try this.  I think we’ll enjoy it just as much as Hy and her husband.  I haven’t asked the designer yet, I thought I’d just start writing and see if he wanted to join in.  I’ll look for a book tomorrow (i have way too many empty journals, now that I write mostly on my pc). Though I haven’t begun the journal, I’ve been more conscious about my thanks I give him and have been verbally trying to be more appreciative the past few days…it’s been nice.  I’ll let you know how it goes for the designer and I.  🙂

Well there you have it…two more Hy gems.  Hope you enjoy!

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