discovery – what to do with almond pulp: recipes


Are you making your own almond milk?  Or maybe thinking about making it?  Here are some of the recipes we’re finding work well with the left-over almond pulp:

almondspeltbread   spelt almond bread – our new favorite bread: moist, crunchy, and oh so yummy.

oatpancakes   pancake batter – homemade oat pancakes

209-030   granola – we use half almond pulp for the ‘nut mixture’

applemuffins   muffins– nearly any healthy muffin will taste fabulous with the almonds

1208-626   smoothies – fruit & nut smoothies are some of our favorites

What recipes have you found work well with the almond pulp?  Or better yet, what do you love with almonds, almond flavoring, etc?

6 thoughts on “discovery – what to do with almond pulp: recipes

    • Hi there Recipe man,
      Welcome to the daily delights…sounds like you’ve got a great list of recipes yourself. 🙂

  1. I tried it last week, but the result looked like crap, the problem was the batter wasn’t holding together, so I obviously couldn’t flip the pancakes, and the texture was sandy, despite tasting really good. Now all-p flour holds together because of the gelling agents that are added to it, so I figured I’d use corn starch or butter, or 2 extra eggs, and the result was still the same.
    So is it possible to make pancakes by substituted regular all-p flour with almond pulp thats been in the freezer? What easy household ingredient is needed so that the batter doesn’t fall apart?

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry you’re having trouble with the almond pulp. First off, I gave up all purpose flour 13 years ago, so I’m no help there. However, you might consider using peanut butter…that seems to bind pretty well. Another thing might be that you could have too much liquid in your almond pulp. If this is true, you need to use less milk in your batter. That will help considerably. Last tip would be to use less almond pulp…depending on the blender and cheese cloth, it is possible to get a different batch completely. Good luck and let me know if you come up with a better solution.

      ~ trina

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