kiddo daily delight – i love my pirate papa: treasure map


In preparation for our April kiddo daily delights, we’re experimenting to see how many fun activities we can do with I Love My Pirate Papa, by Laura Leuck this week.  As we read the book last night, I could see that the builder was very intrigued with the detailed treasure maps shown at the beginning and end of this wonderful story.


So this afternoon, we made our own treasure map.  The kiddos directed the placement of the islands and creatures nearby.  We found a place to burry our treasure and marked the path to the “X”.  Then they took turns drawing paths for various ships…each ship had a dotted path marked by a different color.  Fortunately for these ships, they always made it to the treasure…I haven’t explained to the kiddos that pirates are not the sharing type.  But they’ll learn that soon enough on their own.  🙂


Pretty soon, the map was covered in ship pathways.


Looking at the map in the book, we noticed tears on the map.  Of course we had to have tears on our map as well!

I think we’ll hunt for treasure and go for a boat ride tomorrow!

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