kiddo daily delight – curious george by h. a. rey


Using our animals from yesterday’s Zoo Relief activity, and our wee gallery cards, the kiddos decorated their cardboard animals.  I suggested paint, though they were craving markers.  The dancer has a tendency to color everything she shouldn’t with markers (and so quickly!), so I’ve been avoiding them lately. 

The dancer willingly wore a paint shirt, and they used the markers to achieve detail like the wee gallery cards.  As they decorated, the builder told me that he wanted to take some animals to church Sunday.  That he wanted me to make some for his friends and let them decorate them as well.  Oh, how his mind works!  Do you ever wonder about the inner workings of a toddler?  I sure do.  🙂

Later we read several stories that included zoo animals.  The one I had chosen for our activity: Curious George, the original adventure.  Read it lately?  Where George was taken from the jungle and intended to live at the Zoo in New York City?  The kiddos love George, always a great choice. 





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