delight – love of the grower


Oh how we love the grower.  Independent explorer, he makes us smile and laugh.  All day today he scaled the walls.  Walked along them, that is.  He loves to play in his crib, looking out the window.  Especially today, as the wild winds blew leaves against the window.  He loves outside.  Anytime a door closes he cries, wounded that he was left inside…one of the only times you’ll hear him protest.

Joined the food club lately, he loves avocados, bananas, pancakes, and ate spinach rice last night.  Anything he can find goes in his mouth.  Two teeth on bottom, two on top wanting to emerge.  When I go to nurse him, he wiggles out of my arms and onto the bed where he laughs and giggles, quickly crawling to the other side of the bed.  I laugh, squeal and run to the side he is on, but he is already laughing and running to the opposite side. 

Our days are busy and I look forward to the calm moments we share as he nurses.  He is busy and ever going, but the best snuggler.  Kisses a plenty, loves to feel your face and crawl all over you.  Thank you for coming to our family.  I love you lil’ grower!

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