kiddo daily delight – fhe & stone soup by anne mcgovern


During preschool last week, Sara had read “Stone Soup” by Christianne Jones.  The kiddos loved the story of creating more than one can imagine by sharing.  We had checked out Stone Soup by Anne McGovern.  Many versions out there, but each I’ve read teaches the same moral.

Instead of reading the story, I retold them the story in my own words, throwing actions in where appropriate (mostly the ASL signs we have learned through Signing Time: sharing, various food signs, thank you…).  There is something powerful in storytelling (without a book).  Helping the story come alive with only words, allowing the imagination to take over…a beautiful thing. 

I think I’ll try to retell a story once a week, and enjoy this together.  As a child, I remember asking my parents to tell me stories at night time.  My father was particularly good at making up stories with characters and settings I suggested.

After I recounted the story we talked about sharing, with people we love, as well as people we do not know.  Then we talked about sharing soup.  “Did we share soup with anyone today?”  I asked.  “Sure!” the builder replied (his favorite word as of late).  “We shared soup with Kafryn n’ Charlotte, Grama, and Ashlynn n’ Maci!” 

We had made a few batches of Creamy Spinach Soup with Chicken.  No stones included, though it did turn out differently than my usual soup, as I am not used to making so much. 🙂  We had spinach a plenty that needed to be eaten, sick family members, and Grandma was busy with billing as she readied for a trip to California.  A perfect match.  Hope everyone is feeling better soon!



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