theory – so what tricks are you carrying in your bag?


Today I’m grateful.  Glad to have tricks in my bag…some of which are different than those the designer is carrying within his own.

So what are we carrying in our bag-o-tricks? 

  • innate attributes
  • talents we have developed
  • skills learned from our parents
  • skills that we have sought after

These so called, tricks, help us everyday.  To learn new things, to make our day easier, brighter, and for me right now: they help me be a mother…help me teach my kiddos the things I believe are important…things they will need to know to be happy people.

I’m grateful that many of the tricks within our bags are the same.  It makes for commonalities and agreement in important decisions.  But there was no way my parents would be able to teach me everything, and so I rely on those things that the designer’s parents taught him.  From his family I have learned many things, such as:

  • punctuality
  • loyalty
  • determination
  • hard work
  • working together
  • the choice to love

Silly as it may sound, I’m grateful to have brought my own tricks to the table.  For without them, I would feel I have nothing to offer in this relationship of ours.  My parents have also taught me much (here are a few):

  • love of language (written word, foreign languages)
  • love of culture and people of all faiths & backgrounds
  • adventure
  • to go after my dreams
  • to follow my heart

As we laughed at how the designer has learned to cook from me, I thought about where I learned to cook.  My mother taught me to follow directions, to cut produce, to follow a recipe…but I think I learned to cook from my Dad: from my heart.  

I remember nights when my mother had not returned or was busy, my father would stick his head in the fridge and start pulling items out.  He would take a bit of this and a little of that, use spices, and create something wonderful. 

That is truly my cooking style.  I have a difficult time following a recipe (I look at it more like guidelines, than an absolute…and recommend you look at mine the same :)), I rarely measure.   Menu planning is nice, but I love the adventure in the unexpected.  It’s a sort of inviting challenge to cook like my father does.  Making something from what you have.  I know, this is probably alarming for some of you…but it’s one way I fulfill that creative desire. 

And no, it doesn’t always turn out wonderful, but there is always something to learn, and the designer is so patient with me. (Another wonderful trait he has in his bag-o-tricks…special thanks to his parents for nourishing this trait!)  An example is the elk roast we ate all week in 3 different dishes (stay tuned, I’m sharing the recipes next week). 

So today, as I examine my bag, I ask myself, “Which one do I think is most important in my kiddos ‘ lives. ”  Which one will take them the furthest and help them healthily grow?

I’ve decided to help them nourish their desire to learn.  There is a really good chance that the designer and I were taught certain survial skills (such as cooking), but were not paying attention enough to use them. 

Yet, we had enough desire, that when we were ready, we have learned what we needed (so far).  Of course there is still much to learn.  So I’d like to teach my kiddos that they can learn whatever they want.  That as long as they look in the right places (research, practice, help from family or friends), they will be able to learn what they truly desire.

Maybe it’s a long-shot, but I know that, like our parents, I can’t expect to teach my kiddos everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to try my best!  But I hope that instilling that desire to learn, will ensure their happiness and success in their dreams and goals.  (Oh, and bring me the peace that I so desire as a mother)!  🙂

How about you?  What is in your bag-o-tricks?  What have your parents taught you, of which you are grateful?  And finally, what do you consider essential in your kiddos bag?

2 thoughts on “theory – so what tricks are you carrying in your bag?

  1. Hi Katrina! I always love reading your posts. Just a quick question for you. Ryan and I were drinking some V8 yesterday and it took me back to that Christmas soup recipe we used to have back in the day. Do you still have that recipe or remember most of the ingredients? I just remember it had V8 in it, right? Would you email it to me? Thanks!

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