theory – becoming a mother who knows…


Last week I made some big decisions.  I have been pondering two of my favorite talks by Sister Julie Beck: Stand Strong & Immovable, and Mothers Who Know

There are so many good things that we as mothers should and can do.  So how does one do it all?  I am convinced that, as amazing as women are, we cannot, and should not be expected to do everything.

When Sister Beck talks about ‘Mothers Who Know, Do Less’ I feel that it requires priorities.  There are too many good things that we as women, and more specifically, mothers, can be doing.  Prioritizing is the only way I accomplish each day.  I decide which tasks or activities will bring the most joy, learning and growth to my kiddos and myself. 

It’s not easy.  If I were to choose the easy road I wouldn’t be a mother.  But I feel that these precious moments are few.  Taking the time to teach my children during this small window of time will make every difference to them as they fulfill their life goals, and achieve their personal missions. 

Part of this decision I have made is to do less outside of our home.  The good things overwhelm us as we could choose to do something each morning: play group, preschool, story-time at the library, preschool, and music class.  Our new schedule will give us more time learning, and working together.  I have decided to cut back our activities to 3 days a week.  This seems to be the answer for me.  I realize that it is different for each mother and family.  Finding that balance is hard, and it requires varied sacrifice and choices. 

Speaking of easy, there are so many times throughout the day when I think, “If I hurry, I can finish this chore while the kiddos are happily playing.”  But lately I feel the prompting to continue to include them and invite them to participate.  This has brought more cooking moments, vacuuming by the builder, laundry organizing by the dancer (very creative placement, I must add), and less efficiency as a whole.  But these aren’t just tasks, they are teaching moments, I remind myself.  The more I invite them, the more they learn, and the more they can learn and do in the future.  There is little during our day that I do alone.  And that should be a good thing.  🙂

And yes, it would be easier for me to send the builder and dancer to preschool 3 days a week…oh all the things I could accomplish!  But I have the opportunity to be a sahm, and I feel that as I have this blessing, responsibility follows.  Yes, the better choice will be different for others, but for me, I am their mother, their teacher at this time. 

One day, very soon, I will join the mothers that have a moment to think to themselves (other than in the middle of the night), while their children learn in school.  There will come a time when my skills will not be enough for them.  They will need to learn outside of our home.  Till then, I will teach and encourage them to learn about whatever intrigues them.   

Yes, the time will come for them to move on.  But this is the time for us.  This is our time togetherPrecious time.  And I won’t trade this crazy life we have together for anything.  My life with three kiddos 3 and under was meant to be.  I feel peace in this decision and hope that our mornings at home will be cherished as we learn and work together. 

What are you doing to become a ‘Mother who Knows?’  Has it been a challenge for you as well?  Have you had to make tough decisions? (This has not been easy for me, but once I did, I felt resolved).

12 thoughts on “theory – becoming a mother who knows…

  1. After much thought and prayer, we decided I would stop teaching piano. This was scary on many levels, but this school year has been by far the best year for our family yet. I’m grateful for choosing to do less, because it’s actually opened my life up to more.

  2. Kerri,

    Hi beautiful momma, thanks for sharing. I admire you in many ways, just add one more! I like that doing less is opening up for ‘more.’ How wonderful. luvs!

  3. I love this talk as well. I find myself putting it in the cd player when I feel I need a little redirection. I feel very blessed to be a sahm as well, even living on less money does not feel like a burden when you see the benefits. Matt got a raise in the fall just enough to cover what I was making one day a week so I quit. It has been good for all of us.

  4. Becky,

    What a blessing for your family that you are no longer working. Congrats to Matt as well. And I think you’re right, living simply may seem difficult at times, but it really does ease the burdens of financial worries. How is that bun in the oven? hugs!

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  9. I just found this link from your recent email. Life has been so crazy with this latest move – these soothing words were exactly what I needed. Thanks, K!

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