discovery – birth books for your loved ones

This post goes out to Mona and all the other grandmother’s, aunts, parents, godparents, and friends of some new loved ones in need of that perfect gift.

Recently, I wrote about Grandmother’s Book of Promises by Karen Hill…a beautiful book of adventures and special moments shared with a little-one’s grandmother:


My mother gives a book to each of her grand-kiddos when they are born.  My Grommie gives her great-grand-kiddos a special book nearly every time she sees them.  She works at the library because she loves books and loves sharing the great stories and adventures out there. 

I come from a family of readers.  Each summer we vacation with my dad’s family at Lake Powell on my Grandma Lois’ houseboat.  I remember surprised aunts wondering why my sisters and I would take a break in the hot day and curl up with our latest read. Vacations were the best time to read books.  Oh, and at the Mongolian BBQ if it is a very special book (right fam?)!

Books are a life line to learning, our world’s culture and beliefs.  A book is a perfect gift for just about anyone on just about any occasion.

Here are the other special books my kiddos have received at birth:

lovedyoubeforeyouwereborn  I Loved You Before You Were Born by Anne Bowen, illustrated by Greg Shed.  Anne wrote this book while awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild.  So another perfect book for you Mona.

andherestoyou And Here’s To You! by David Elliot, illustrated by Randy Cecil is a gift to give to a little one from anyone.  It explores the beauty and creatures of our life, the special little one given a special place among them.  Such a fun book!

happybirthday  Happy Birth Day! by Robie H. Harris, illustrated by Michael Emberley, is a precious gift to a baby (once again, no matter your relation).  This book received the Parent’s Choice ‘Silver Honor’ from the Parent’s Choice Foundation.  It describes just how amazing little babies are; all that they can do despite being so very new and small.  This book is particularly special to me for my mother was present at the builder’s birth and wrote his birth story in this book.  A true treasure. 

So there are some great choices for your trip next week Mona.  Call your local Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstores to see if they have any of these in stock.  I saw each of these books listed on Barnes & Noble and Amazon online.  Both sites offer free shipping if you spend over $25.  You could ship it right to your new grand-baby and it would be there awaiting your inscription when you arrived or while you were visiting. 

Let me know what book(s) you choose and enjoy your trip.  Nothing better than visiting a new arrival…especially for a grandma!

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