kiddo daily delight – byu moa & scarlet stocking spy by trinka hakes noble


The kiddos and I had a wonderful Museum visit to the MOA at BYU with my Mom, Aunt Nellie, and Seanna.  With the grower in the BabyHawk and the other two excited to explore the art.  I’ve decided that it is doable and that we’ll have to try and go once a month.  The kiddos are very aware of art these days.  The know when I have done new paintings and if I have moved anything (the norm around our home…it’s a rotating gallery space).  When I pull out the paint box, they give me their opinions and tell me what I should paint next.

We enjoyed nearly all of the current exhibits.  Here are some of my favorite photos:







During story time, I wanted to read something with artful illustrations.  I chose The Scarlet Stocking Spy.  The paintings used throughout the story are wonderful and you can even see the linen canvas peeking past the paint.  The kiddos loved the story.  I loved the history.  It takes place during the beginnings of the Revolutionary War.  Spies, linens, code, battle, death, friendship, family…what else could we want?

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