kiddo daily delight – miss sadie mcgee who lived in a tree by mark kimball moulton


The kiddos’ love affair with tree houses lately, spurred the finding of Miss Sadie McGee Who Lived in a Tree at the library.  It is a beautiful book.  Full of wonder, imagination, creativity.

Targeted learning areas:

  • visual arts – tree house drawing
  • kinetic – building tree house
  • communication – direct the drawing & building

The kiddos and I ate this book up…it’s just wonderful.  We read it three times in one day.  After reading about the woman in the tree, I asked the kiddos if they wanted to draw our own tree house.  They told me what to draw, where to put it, the colors to use.  The builder is great at directing a project.  The dancer made her own contribution with the oil pastel crayons.  She is not afraid to try anything.  I love that about her.


After our drawing was done the builder was ready to build a tree house in their room.  I went to hang up their drawing on our gallery wall, but he insisted in it being hung in their room.  That’s when you know that he likes something.  It is now hanging next to his spiderman painting

The tree house building went well.  They had a snack together in their lit tree house (the builder’s idea and contribution).  Though I do the mattress placement, they do the rest.  The grower loved being in the tree house with his siblings.


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