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GetWithGreen is hosting TreeHugger’s Carnival of Green this week, and i noticed an article from Eco-Child’s play about non-toxic paint & wallpaper.  I immediately thought of prego Gayle, deciding how to decorate her nursery and thought she might not be the only one this site and article might benefit.

The article suggests VOC-free paint companies I’ve not heard of.  I love hearing new paint options.  I don’t think much about wallpaper because it was so difficult to take off my parent’s home when I was young.  That, and it disappeared from the scene for quite a while.  But it has made a come-back in the design world, so a green option must be discussed.  (I’ll be researching this…new project…)

I liked that a suggestion was to use kirei.  Great suggestion.  Anyways, check it out if you like.  Eco-child’s playis a blog focused on green parenting for non-toxic, healthy homes.  I like what I see so far…

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