discovery – eggs, omeletes: healthy eating


I’m not a big fan of cooking on the weekend.  Keeping it simple or leftovers are the norm around here.  Eggs are a great saver for our hungry fam.  Though a topic for another post, the better the eggs, the more nutrition.  If you’re like me, and raising your own chickens aren’t an option right now, here are things to look for at the store:

  • free-range are the best, grain fed are a good 2nd choice
  • read your egg cartons, watch out for growth hormones and anti-biotic fed chickens
  • keep in mind that although they might be more expensive, one quality egg can have as much nutritional value as 12 ordinary eggs

With all that said, we love to eat omelets.  There are great omelet options for the food allergy ridden (well, except those allergic to eggs…can’t please them all sometimes).

The omelet pictured had:

  • 3 quality eggs
  • roasted red, orange, & yellow peppers
  • basil pesto
  • white cheddar
  • spinach
  • sun-dried tomato chicken sausage
  • herbes de Provence

Some of my other favorite omelet ingredients:

  • mushrooms
  • feta
  • tomatoes
  • lunch meat
  • cilantro
  • parsley
  • artichokes
  • capers

Other things to consider

  • use a healthy oil when cooking omelets (I prefer olive oil)
  • cooking with good oils usually requires medium and medium low heat
  • use stainless steel or cast iron cookware (so much better for you than Teflon)

Omelets are quick, easy, healthy, and a great way to enjoy your veggies.  What are some of your favorite omelets?

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