delight – girls nite out highlights


We braved the horrible fog/pollution in Salt Lake and celebrated a new year for Ms. Lesa at Pei Wei, or Pee Wee (as some of the girls were calling it!)  The fog was so thick the visibility was terrible and thank goodness we had the best backseat driver, Katie to guide us through Sugar House!  In the pic above you see Sara looking at something more interesting than the camera…the overly anxious photographer withher bluetooth!  She was nice enough to take:


So a word of caution about the Sugar House Pei Wei: Do not eat with items of great value for there is a server who is on the look-out!  Lesa had left her iphone on the table.  On our way home she was digging in her purse, Crystal was calling her phone…and nothing.  So we drove back to the Pei Wei.  When she asked the server gal if she’d seen a phone, the girl said only a purse had been left.  There was something funny in her face.  Lesa was sure she wasn’t telling the truth.  Lesa continued to talk about her phone and describe it.  The girl finally pulled it out of her pocket…”Um is it this one?” 

You’ve been warned!  🙂

After dinner we’d gone to the amazing TJMaxx and HomeGoods that are connected…yes a beautiful thing.   Below is the newest item to grace Tyler’s new house.  Ok Tyler, so maybe not the dragon, but perhaps a green wall in the kitchen in this green?  We think it would be fab!


I’ve been telling the designer that I’m ready to sand and repaint our dining set.  I’d like the table to be turquoise, and the chairs a complementary yellow, green, and red. Not sure if the photo shows the color of the dresser below correctly, but it was a beautiful turquoise: light, enough blue…


Thanks for another wonderful night gals!  Looking forward to cookie dough and eye make-up à la Crystal for Katie’s bella eyes!

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