kiddo daily delight – fhe & just in case you ever wonder by max lucado


Kiddo Music Choice: Once there was a Snowman
Opening Song:  A Happy Family
Attention Activity: Fun to Do adaptation

The Nursery Manual (Chapter 11) suggested using “Fun to Do” and changing the lyrics. Our song became,

“Sharing a train is fun to do…”
“Giving a hug is fun to do…”
“Giving a kiss is fun to do…”
“Giving a smile is fun to do…”

The kiddos really loved the first verse…probably because we tossed a toy train to each other as we sang.  The other verses were acted out as well of course.  We sang the sharing verse again at the end of our activity.

As usual, our lesson portion was very short…we used the photo (as suggested) on page 18, and talked about Jesus’ family, other families, and our family…how much we love one another, how much our Father in Heaven loves us and why he gave us our family.

Activity: We used our eeboo Children Of The World lacing cards.  I absolutely heart eeboo!  Something I learned tonight is that it doesn’t matter what the builder and dancer make with their laces:  the builder laced one card and then connected several and ran around the house with them flying behind him, where the dancer was so intent on her lacing that we were done with fhe and she was still working away.  🙂

Book:Do you love Max Lucado?  The builder’s best friend, Jake, gave him, Just In Case You Ever Wonder, on his first birthday.  It is a true treasure.  One of the things I love is that the children learn and receive at different levels and stages of their development.  Reading it tonight reminded me at how much more the builder understands compared to when we first read it together.  A perfect follow-up book on Families. 

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