development – my etsy shop is now open


My etsy shop is finally up and running. There you’ll find beautifully hand-painted artful boxes by Miss Nance, and can order your favorite disney charachter, superhero, baby clothing/shoes/hat oil painting, by yours truly.

If you are an etsy fan, check out my shop at and make me one of your favorites. New to etsy? Oh, what a beautiful adventure awaits! Send me ideas, suggestions, and pass the word along to your art-loving friends out there.

This shop focuses on ways to introduce art to children by celebrating things that they love, represent, and sculptural pieces they love to open, close, and explore with those tiny little hands. Up until Christmas, the two art boxes by Nancy were hung in the dancer’s room. Each night we would look at them together and she would peek into their contents, wondering if something new was inside. The builder has been very interested in art for the past year, and I’ve noticed that same love and curiosity growing within the dancer lately as she asks me to lift her so that she can look at a painting more closely. Lovely. That’s just what I want: artful moments with my kiddos where we share the beauty and love in this gorgeous world.



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