kiddo daily delight – cook-a-doodle-doo by janet stevens & susan stevens crummel


Targeted learning areas: measuring, cooking vocabulary, 5 senses, turn taking, science.

The kiddos and I love readingCook-a-Doodle-Doo by Janet Stevens& Susan Stevens Crummel.  We haven’t read it for a few months, so it was so fun to pull it out and read it together.  We went over the signs for the chicken, strawberries, pears, and repeatedly called out “cook-a-doodle-doo!” 

The story is a cross between the Little Red Hen and Amelia Bedelia.  Friends offer to help, and they learn cooking vocabulary: the difference between flower and flour, how to beat an egg without a bat, and cutting the butter with knives instead of scissors.  The recipe for the strawberry shortcake is at the back of the book as well.  The builder wants to make that tomorrow.  🙂

We chose to make sugar cookies.  The kiddos love measuring, smelling the ingredients, rolling the dough, and of course, tasting the final product.  As always with cooking, it was a fun activity.

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