discovery – blue chip group: food storage & gluten-free products in bulk


So this discovery is a long time in the making.  My brother-in-law, Chad, told me that I would like Blue Chip…last summer.  But I guess we all do things when we’re ready right?  Now that we’re making our own bread and relying on spelt, brown rice and oats as our grain staples, the designer and I feel it is time to buy in bulk and set aside food storage that we will rotate through and eat.  I know, food storage is that stuff that you only use in emergency, that you hope you never have to eat…But we’re going to eat it.  Everyday.  🙂

My mother-in-law watched the kiddos for me this morning so that I could venture to their warehouse in Salt Lake.  Yes, Chad & Cassandra: it was amazing.  I was really impressed and made sure to get a price list so that as we run out of things, we can stock-up through Blue Chip.  We’ve been doing most of our grocery shopping at Costco, Whole Foods and Real Foods Market.  Yes, we’ll still do alot of it there, but there are so many items at Blue Chip that will save us: beans, gluten-free specialty flours, baking soda and powder, to name a few.

I’m hoping they’ll eventually get some raw sugar (turbinado).  That would be fab.  I’m thoroughly amazed at their gluten-free supplies.  Click here to see all their flours, mixes, pasta, and cereal.  Blue Chip is really a haven for those with food allergies, looking to save and store. 

Tonight we’ll have to try grinding our Blue Chip Spelt Berries…I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Do you practice food storage?  Where do you shop?  What tips can you share?  What about those of you with food allergies?  How are you surviving the expensive alternatives?

2 thoughts on “discovery – blue chip group: food storage & gluten-free products in bulk

  1. Hi — Oh.. I hate to do this, but I just wanted to be sure that there was NOT an assumption that spelt is gluten-free. I used to think it was… and boy was I depressed when I learned otherwise. Here is a link from:
    There are also some other resources on this issue. It is a widely confusing issue… And I would like to assume that everyone already knows this, but just in case… Better safe than sorry… right? I apologize if this seems too forward.
    Not to belabor the point, but this quote from a Scott Adams article says it nicely — regarding a survey he did:
    “More surprises in the survey results came when 6.5 percent of respondents said spelt was safe for a gluten-free diet, while 32.3 percent were unsure. I like to interpret this result as 38.8 percent of respondents were just diagnosed and are on their first visit to—but this is wishful thinking. Unfortunately this result means that we have more work to do (spelt is not safe!). ”
    Again, I apologize if I am assuming too much.
    Good luck!

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