kiddo daily delight – the snowy day by ezra keats


Last winter, the builder was mesmorized reading The Snowy Dayby Ezra Jack Keats.  He loved to have his own adventures outside and just like Peter, was very interested in making tracks in the snow.  He first understood making a snow angel after reading this beautifully illustrated story.  The story also talks about Peter inviting a friend out in the snow with him.

This morning was the perfect Snowy Day spent with friends.  The boys used dump trucks to make tracks in the snow, loaded them with snow, and launched them off of our ramp in the garage, or would run down the ramp pushing the dump trucks and sliding on their knees in the fresh snow on the driveway.  They used sleds to ride some of our snowy hills.  Lil’ Stevie was so happy to eat the snow!  The dancerspent a good part simply watching and hanging out with baby Kelly in the stroller.  The boys climbed mountains of snow together, threw snowballs, pushed snow with the rake and shovels, and had a wonderful time together.  The grower woke from his morning nap just as the kiddos outside decided they were cold.  A perfect snow day.  Thanks Lesa.  🙂

After lunch, the kiddos and I sat together and read The Snowy Day together.  We hadn’t got past the first page,when the builder was happily recounting his snowy day and adventures with his friends.  My family is coming up from Orange County this weekend.  Looking forward to more snowy adventures with them!

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