kiddo daily delight – dress ups & pancakes

Our advent countdown was too fun to stop.  I enjoyed knowing that we had a special activity together each day.  I liked having a plan.  With all of this said, may the fun continue.  We’ll be creating a new advent of sort, each envelope will have numbers to represent the days of the month.  The plan for now is to choose a children’s book and then do an activity related to something in the story.  Who knows what else…we’ll follow and see where this next adventure takes us. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’re busy learning and playing all day around here…really, it’s the eternal preschool in our house.  Yet I keep thinking of all the new adventures and learning at another level with just a bit more planning and organization! 

I’m all about suggestions, requests, drop me a comment or an email with ideas, things you’d like to see and favorite books.  Should be a great new venture for us all. 

Till we’re completely up and running (hopefully by the 1st of January), here is our first kiddo daily delight: dress-ups and pancakes…

Sunday mornings in my home growing up was filled with fantasy, musicals, dance recitals, etc.  My sisters and I looked forward to the uninterrupted time together that lasted for hours.  This morning the kiddos and I were making pancakes together (a normal thing in our home), when the dancer decided we try out some of her new dress-ups that Grandma had given her for Christmas. 

She put on her tutu, the grower sported the top of Sleeping Beauty’s costume, I was wearing the skirt half, and the builder was a bumble bee.  I foresee many fun mornings ahead where the dancer will be changing from various outfits.  It is so nice to have enough for us all to wear.  Thanks Grandma…you knew just what this lil’ princess needed to spice up our morning.

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