delight – advent countdown christmas day: magic & visits with family


This was our first “magic Christmas” with the kiddos.  It all began with the excitement of a Christmas Tree in the front room.  That lasted several weeks.  They continued to change the decor of the tree, and as they went to various parties, church, etc.  they would bring home handmade ornaments, gifts, and we would place them on the tree.  The beaded garland is only on the top third of the tree, for the rest is being used as “pirate rope” by the builder.  He ties his sister and I up, asks the designer and I to tie him up, creates various decorations, barriers, and more with the beloved pirate rope.  Wonder if we’ll be able to put it away with the Christmas Decoration.  Maybe Santa should have filled his stocking with twine…:)

Back to the magic.  So I told the designerthe other night that all I really wanted for Christmas was a couple weeks of sleep.  We’ve had a rough spot with sleeping lately.  Not sure if it’s the teething, irregular food and treats the kiddos have been getting, the bugs going around, or just all the visiting monsters in the builder’s room, but the designer and I have had an unwelcome and large amount of nightly disturbances the past few weeks. 

At 7:30 this morning, (a wonderful gift),  the builder crept in quietly and whispered to us that Santa had come, and that there were presents under the tree! (We didn’t even put gifts under the tree till last night, knowing it would be insane to expect the kiddos to leave them alone).   

The grower was still out like a light, so we woke the dancer, and all gathered near the lit beloved Christmas Tree.  How fun it was to enjoy this moment together.  We looked at our stockings and Santa’s gifts.  Then we ate a wonderful breakfast before unwrapping any of the gifts from my family.  (A tradition in my home…and a good one.  Gave us kids time to enjoy a few gifts, and to fill our bellies with something other than candy.)

I loved watching the kiddos excited for each other.  Later, when the grower woke, they helped dump out his stocking and give him his apple to teeth on.  A wonderful morning.

Later we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner at Aunt Kathryn and Aunt Charlotte’s home, with family and more wonderful family.  There was much snow, and we were the last to arrive.  The piles of snow and many cars left no room, so the designer dropped some of us off and parked down the street.  Aunt Kathryn gave each of us nieces a piece of her jewelry.  The piece I was given was a turquoise ring she bought in Yellowstone in ’53.  So thoughtful of her to share her treasures with us. 

Several full bellies later, we returned home with the designer’s mom and sister Brittany.  A tradition in the designer’sfamily is for the grandparents to make their round to each home and come see the grandkiddo loot.  Here are some pictures of the kiddos enjoying a Christmas moment with their grandma and aunt.

The snow, the magic, the reason…Merry Christmas!


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