delight – advent countdown christmas eve: nativity and dinner


Aunt Nellie (who turned 97 this year), sent us a Christmas Card, reminding me of a particularly rub rubbing Christmas Eve Nativity.  My brother was playing the inn keeper, and after answering the door a few times, he said to a surprised Mary and Joseph, “Read my lips, there is no room in the inn!” 

I can’t remember a Christmas Eve without the dramatization of the Nativity.  Carols sung, some were more moving than others, yet, Christmas Eve wouldn’t be the same.  Since I have been married, I’ve enjoyed the grandkiddos playing the parts.  This year, the designer and I were asked to play Joseph, and Mary, and the grower was baby Jesus. 

It was such an honor to play Mary as a young girl.  Still an honor.  The builderwas a shepherd, at least for the pre-show.  It really does take a while when you’re waiting back stage.  By the time the shepherds were on stage, his costume was off.  He wasn’t the only impatient one, we had one wise man this year.  🙂  The dancer did not want to wear her costume, but she really enjoyed herself.  As we sang the last hymn, Silent Night, the grower drifted off to sleep.  (Yes, Traci, I do agree that it was the extra verses).   🙂 

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