delight – advent countdown 9: christmas party at the library


Miss Sally & the Friends of the Library put on great parties (Halloween, Carnival, Harry Potter…)   Its popular enough that you must get a ticket.  In the past, you had to pay a dollar for each kiddo, but I think all their fund-raising must have paid for today’s Christmas Pajama Party.  The kiddos loved going with their Aunt’s Reesa and Dezzer.  Like the majority of our library visits, the grower was in the baby hawk, so my sisters and I actually outnumbered the kiddos that needed a hand. 

As usual, the kiddos loved the songs and stories.  Some of the highlights were: Santa and Mrs. Claus, Jamaica and Santa’s hat of goodies, crafty bracelet making, and some reindeer food.  The kiddos were a bit afraid or shy of Santa…maybe next year.  🙂

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