development – christmas stockings done and hung!

Really, I’m quite relieved to have the stockings hung and ready for Old St. Nick.  It’s been a great journey, but I’m relieved to have the stocking saga over with.  Once again, thanks to my mother-in-law for helping me sew the stockings.  It’s been a great learning process and problem solving experience.  I’m in love with the stockings…mostly because so much love went into the tags.  It was fun choosing the shape of each tag that was embroidered, and they can later be changed if needed. 

For now the designer has a tree, I have a heart, the builder has a snowman (he is so excited to build the first of the season), the dancer an angel, and the growera dove (he is truly my peace and solace these days) .  Though, the builder is already ready for me to make him an angel as well.  Cute.  It was fun to try my hand at embroidery.  I now understand the usefulness of thimbles and will have to get one of them one of these days.  As I chilled with the builder this afternoon during naps, I found it nice to work on a project that wasn’t messy (as my painting is), that I can carry around with me wherever we go.   Oh, so nice to have stockings!

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