development – baby gift for lil’ miss miley


Growing up with loving grandparents, tons of cousins, aunts, & uncles was so much fun.  Now, as we grandkids are nearly grown, many married with kiddos, attending universities, serving missions, and finishing High School & Middle School, it has become more difficult to attend all the family gatherings, even special occasions.  But I relish the days when I do get to spend time with my relatives. 

Today we gathered, and celebrated my cousin Josh’s missionary farewell, as he will be serving in the Atlanta, Georgia mission within a few short weeks.  The meeting was wonderful, he spoke of the “wedges” in life that keep us from accomplishing and reaching our full potential.  His testimony was beautiful.  We will miss him and hope he has the experience he is desiring. 

At the gathering we met his nieces Sadie Mae and Miley for the first time.  They were simply precious!  I was excited to give them their baby gifts and hope that they will be small things that in time, will help their parents remember this special time that they have had with their lil’ angels.

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