delight – at the movies w/ the builder


Yes, it’s hard to believe, but other than a Star Wars: Episode III when he was about 3 weeks old, today was the builder’s first visit to the movies.  My friend Lesa and I had chatted about taking our boys to the movies, a special, outing with just they and their moms.

So this afternoon, we met Lesa and a couple of her friends and their kiddos for Madagascar 2.  We arrived during the previews and though I tried to explain what it would be like during our car ride, the dark room definitely was a surprise.  Immediately I spotted Lesa and tried to get the builderto walk up the steps to their row where she was saving us seats.  Absolutely glued to the overwhelmingly large screen, he he had a difficult time climbing and sitting down.  It was probably a half hour before I was able to convince him that it would be comfortable to sit back in his chair, thanks to Lesa finding us a booster for him.  And how long have the boosters been available?  I can think of several movies in the not so distant past where a booster would have been handy for me!

The builder enjoyed the movie, the popcorn, and the candy (left over from Halloween) that he packed, all by himself, for he and his friend Jake.  About half way through the film, we went out in the hall for a drink.  We laughed as he was struck in the face with the water.  I offered to take him to the restroom while we were out, but he was already running back in to the theater, afraid of missing anything.

It was a fun afternoon.  Thanks to the designer for letting us share this special time together.  He and the builder have decided that next time it is their turn and that they will make sure that Jack and his Dad Tom (one of the designer’s best friends), join the crew.

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