delight – christmas stockings update


As the Christmas Stocking Saga continues, I am happy to say that, thanks to my beautifully talented and patient mother-in-law, the stockings have been sewn.  Here are some of the completed socks.  In a matter of days, she had cut out and sewn all 10 stockings (no, we are not currently planning on having 8 kiddos, but if anyone wants to come and visit for the holidays, we will make sure Santa does not leave you wanting). 

The first day that we worked on them, she showed me her mother’s tradition of cutting out fabric: using knives instead of pins to hold down and smooth out the fabric.  Very fascinating.  I really thought this would be an opportunity to learn a bit about sewing and the process, but I soon realized it was enough for her to figure out how to accomplish my vision.  I drew and cut out a pattern for her and then of course the work began…making the pattern work. 

With the stockings sewn, I’ve obtained some chocolate brown and cream ribbons to attach each stocking to the mantel, or wherever we would like to hang them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find them this week…weird.  I’m hoping that we didn’t throw them away in our cleaning adventures. 

Originally, the plan was to embroider our names on the ribbon, but this is being modified…now if I can just get them done by Thanksgiving…

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