discovery – eating healthy takes effort…and its a big time committment

So a healthy smoothie is pretty easy.  And there are a few other things that are pretty simple, but overall, eating healthy is complicated in the beginning and takes a great deal of time.  Not to mention the commitment.  Once you jump in, there’s really no turning back.  You feel awful when you eat differently, and all the knowledge makes you a food snob.  Ya, not the worst snob to be, but when you go to a family celebration like we did Sunday, you find the only things you feel ok about eating are the chili your mother-in-law made and the spinach salad (that you made), and you’re happy as a clam to have it.

So I make my own salad dressing these days.  I’m going to try and make my own nut butter this week, along with my own bread, and granola.  My mother-in-law told me about an almond milk recipe that I want to try to make as well.  We drink so much of it.  My mother is sending us a wheat grinder and pasta maker that she isn’t using.  I already make my own oat flour, but this will help me make rice four and of course, homemade pasta. 

The more I learn, the more responsibility I feel.  I want to feed my family the best food I can find, and what I feel truly comfortable giving them.  I just hope that I can learn quickly and make it an easy addition to our already full lives.  How did those amazing ladies do it before grocery stores supplied everything for you, ready-made?

2 thoughts on “discovery – eating healthy takes effort…and its a big time committment

  1. Hi Christy :),

    So the almond milk has been great. It definitely tastes best in cereal/granola, pancakes, as a substitute for cows milk. It’s okay to drink straight out of a glass, but I think Almond Breeze has a better flavor. It’s definitely the economical way to go however. And then you know exactly what your family is getting. 🙂 I’ve posted it a while back, but I’ll put the recipe in the “living with food allergies” section to the right.

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