discovery – learning from conference


How I look forward to the gems and jewels of General Conference each 6 months!  I’m trying to take a few moments each day and read again from these wonderful talks. 

Here are a few things that have helped me from Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk:

  • to endure the varied seasons of life while remaining positive, even optimistic – it seems there are always challenges and stresses, sometimes are greater in intensity than others.  In this brief breather of a time I want to dwell on the positive and optimistic, try to fill my soul with so many delights, that when the challenges get harder, I will have plenty of good in reserve.
  • Henry David Thoreau’s simple life at Waldon Pond – i felt so much strength when Elder Perry described Thoreau’s experience.  Recently asking the designer to move into this small cabin, I could sure relate.  (i actually asked him again last week…it was a tough week.  When things are hard I like to clean or detox, or simplify…this was another of those moments).  Was Henry growing those 2 1/2 acres of beans all by himself?  He must have been.  We live on just under 3 acres…that’s a lot of beans!  I think I would need some variety to my large garden adventures.
  • Thoreau & Perry’s four essentials: food, clothing, shelter, fuel – I enjoyed reading all of these.  As simple as our lives currently are, I think they can be simplified even more and I am trying to find ways to do this.  I know the designeris…he helped me organize again tonite…what a blessing he is everyday!
  • finally – These simple focuses will help us reach our ultimate goal: the return to our Father

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