discovery – need for a building spot

After spending the past few afternoons building in the sand, collecting sticks, rocks, and old lumber for forts, ships, and hideouts, it hit me: the builder and our kiddos need a place to build and create in the yard.  A place where they can make it as they desire.  And when they are done with it, they will build something else. 

When my siblings and I were young, we were very  interested in building dams.  We would take old lumber and sticks and build dams across the sidewalks, we would use the hose to create rivers and streams throughout the yard.  Some days it drove my mother crazy.  If only she had helped us use the rivers and streams to water the plants in the yard…:)

Later, my younger brothers really got into the whole building thing and turned our tree-house area into a pirates lair.  They would bring out the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, invite their friends over, dress up, collect wooden swords that my dad had fashioned, and reinact the film. 

Every kid needs this spot.  As I’ve thought much about our future home and the areas in the yard that I think we will all enjoy, I have forgotten the need for a raw spot.  A spot for building.  A hideout for the kiddos to reinact their adventures and enjoy the outdoors.  I’ll place it up against the fence and place tall grasses and trees to help the ambiance.  We’ll collect old lumber and things from garage sales for them to use.  And they can build to their heart’s content.

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