delight – love of sister

There is much that can and should be said about my dear sister Smee.  She is number three of 6, three of three crazy goiles, the tallest, the most adaptively athletic, and the fullest of book brains (my other sis is also brainy, but in other ways…)

She is kind, considerate, beloved of my kiddos who call her Reesa.  She is a total catch and will one day be with that prince she so deserves.  She is following her dreams, hard as the journey may be.  She is not a quitter, full of endurance and love for life.

She is sensitive and lovely.  A gal of charm and grace.  She teaches me patience and peacemaking.  She is forgiving and optimistic.

May this year be a wonderful adventure of growth, one of hope, and one of realization and learning.  May you find yourself this year and love that person as much as we all do.   

Happiest of birthdays smee girl.  We luv you very much!

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