discovery – a better working laundry room

Not sure if it’s still considered a fire hazard these days, but my parent’s home has a laundry chute.  We loved it growing up.  It was in the center of our hallway, the entrance to all four bedrooms.  Not only was it functional, but it was fun to use as a mail delivery system at playtime. 

Our current home is one-story, and our plan is to build a one-story rambler one day.  There will be no need for a laundry chute, but couldn’t the idea be used to simplify the work in my future laundry room?  I’m doing between 12 and 15 loads of laundry a week these days.  Anything to make the experience shorter, more efficient, and easier is the goal.  So why not use the laundry chute concept in my laundry room?  I’m ever bending over to sort and then place the clothes in the washer.  We have a top loading washer (which I prefer, for the soaking aspect).  Above the washer, dryer, and sink, there are cupboards (which are difficult for me to access without a stool). 

So what if the cupboards above the washer were basically a laundry shoot…holes in the top and a sliding door at the bottom that would dump the clothes into the washer?  The designer has long talked about 2 washers and dryers.  I thought it was a bit much until the grower was born, then I began thinking it wasn’t such a bad idea.  Two washers would be so great.  Not sure if I need the sink or the second dryer.  But two washers would be wonderful.  Four chutes dumping clothes into the washers.  I could sort the clothes by tossing them into the separate chutes.  And I might even get some volunteer help from the kiddos, as it will be a fun task to sort & toss.  What do you think?  What is your dream laundry room?  What works for you?

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