gwg – monocoat: natural hardwood oil finish and VOC-free


To get the hardwood color you desire without the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), look into Rubio Monocoat’s natural oil finish.  Currently it is available in 34 colors, with a choice of matte or satin.


 Originating in Belgium, Monocoat’s natural oil finish has been used throughout the world in many applications for almost 45 years.  It has been applied to wood flooring, windows, furniture, decking, and siding.   Feel comfortable applying Monocoat throughout your home, in your kitchen and bathrooms, and even high-traffic areas, such as commercial settings.  Completely plant-based, it will protect your wood from coffee, ink, wine, milk, and soft drinks. 


 Not only is it a beautiful product, but it needs only a simple single coat application with a pad.  A chemical reaction is produced, and the Monocoat’s natural oil finish bonds with the cellulose in the wood.  In fact, if you try and add more, the flooring will not accept the second coat.  Should your floor be damaged, simply apply Monocoat, and you will find it difficult to distinguish where the damage had previously been.


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