delight – girls weekend

It all began at the Gallery Cafe (or something like that), the new pizza place in Midway.  An artichoke, mushroom salad, chicken arugula pesto pizza and goat cheese & roasted pepper pizza.  Lesa, Sara, Stephanie and I had a wonderful night together.  Great friends, great food.  But it couldn’t last all night since we have all had babies within the past four months. 

Today, some of the girls went shopping at the outlets.  It was an indoor day…snowed most of the morning and into the evening.  We met up again for dinner at Schezwan in Park City.  This time Crystal and Julie joined us.  After some spicy Kung-pao, and other delectable Chinese dishes, we enjoyed The Duchess.  Beautifully done, loved Keira Knightly.  Gorgeous film, beauty everywhere, difficult on the heart strings. 

Thanks ladies for a wonderful weekend.  Denett and Brittoni, we missed you both.  Looking forward to next month…boy did I need the break!  🙂

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