discovery – cork shower tiles

Writing for GetWithGreen has been so exciting for me thus far.  I love researching and learning about eco friendly products.  I’ve been reading articles on the GetWithGreen site to see what the readers are interested in and of course what has already been covered.  Today’s feature article is on Modwalls, which is an eco friendly tile company that uses recycled glass products as well as cork.  Click here for the complete article. 

What excited me was to see that Modwalls was offering a cork product for shower tiles.  I love cork.  Doing a bit of research on cork, it’s origins, etc.  The designer and I were surprised to find that the cork forests that harvest the cork are really only found in the Mediterranean.  A Californian tried to plant some in California’s wine country, thinking that since the climates were similar, that the cork would also do well there.  Though the cork trees grew, they did not produce the same quality bark to harvest.  Thus, the soil, wind, climate, and all sorts of distinctions with the Mediterranean Coast become even more unique. 

So I’m not a grout fan.  I’ve heard that there are new grout products out there and will do some research on that now, for I have fallen in love with Modwall’s cork tiles.  The beautiful round pieces of cork make a wonderful mosaic pattern.  They come in 1 sq ft sheets that cost just under $2 a sq ft.  Check out the pictures and decide for yourself.  Meanwhile, I’m going to see who else out there is making these wonderful tiles.  And yes, the cork I’m talking about is the same as those found in wine bottles!

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