delight – balance massage

On Mother’s Day, the designer and our kiddos gave me a Balance massage gift certificate.  I was very prego at the time, but soo excited to use the gift.  The designer kept asking if I was going to get my massage.  Well, I didn’t want to waste it on my very large body.  I knew labor was going to be a lot and wanted to make the most of the damage sure to come.  Two months after the grower was born, and I have been thinking about the massage…finally made the appointment for today.

It was soo wonderful! Sydney gave me a full body massage.  Truly relaxed, I was near sleeping but didn’t want to fall asleep and miss anything!  🙂 Sydney does Cranial Sacral Therapy, where she uses the bones within your head to release deep tensions within your body.  Overall, I felt like she was reading my body…either that, or my body was simply talking to her, telling her its story.  Thanks again Sydney, it was a simply fabulous experience!

Next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up and willing to rid yourself of all that you’re carrying, get yourself a massage.  Balance in Heber Valley offers all kinds of treatment and techniques.  Check them out…truly rejuvenating!

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