theory – cell phones part deux

Still contemplating a troubled relationship with my cell phone…

So what in the world happened?  Ya, I know, I’m crazy.  I’d rather spend time on the puter  than my phone, but it’s quiet, and I can catch up on a friend or two while the kiddos are resting and not worry about waking them.  I like being able to post my feelings/opinions to the www and know that it’s out there for whoever wants it.  Let the consequences lie.

Recently, my sis and I have contemplated the amount of time our mom has spent on the phone since we were very small.  Poor thing, (my mom), feels that she has to answer it.  Shouldn’t it be a convenience, not a necessity?  My parents are remodeling their home and they had to move everything out to make room for the demolition.  A few nights my mom woke at 2 in the morning and worked till 5 or 6, because it was the only time people weren’t calling her. 

No, my mother isn’t a corporate commander, a psychologist, a surgical sargent or anything like that.  She’s our mother.  And she likes to talk on the phone. 

Not too long ago she answered when I called, was trying to take a lady to a doctor appointment, and was trying to take directions from the lady as she drove and talked with me.  Sounds dangerous right?  Well, if you would ask my youngest brothers, they would probably agree with me.  🙂  Finally I said, “Mom, call me back when you’re not helping “so and so”, and seriously, you can always miss my call if you’re busy.  It’s okay.  Just call me when you get a chance.” 

The truth is, she only misses a call if she’s on the other line.  Other than that, I can call at any time.  Doesn’t that sound so oppressive?  Demanding?  I feel so sorry for her.  Answering the phone should be a choice, not a requirement.  My sibs and Dad are always trying to get her to take some time out for herself.  But this whole cell phone thing prevents her from doing it.  Yes, it’s nice to feel needed.  I think she is afraid that if she doesn’t answer, that someone’s life will fall apart.  Really? 

Okay, so I can’t talk.  I leave my phone everywhere and forget about it.  The kiddos run off with it.  The battery dies, and the phone gets turned off.  Sometimes I don’t listen to my messages for several days.  I just plain forget about the darn thing.  I lose it in the car somewhere.  Ya, you can tell that it’s not my priority.  It’s loud, and I just tell my fam and closest friends to call my land-line, or better yet…drop me an email.  I don’t know.  It’s just easier for me.

Besides, my kiddos don’t like it when I am on the phone.  For one, they usually need me.  No, I don’t sit down very often.  We’re always on the go, it seems.  But I’m happy that way.  We do so many wonderful things together.  It is a great life.  Everyday I’m trying to be a better mom.  And they are my priority. 

So there you have it.  One more reason why I don’t feel that I have to pay attention to my celly.  In another attempt to not be like my mom, (no it’s not always a bad thing to be like her :)), I’ve decided that my kiddos and hubby come first, and that the phone will have to come later…probably after my email…:)

3 thoughts on “theory – cell phones part deux

  1. I heartily concur with everything you’ve said in your two cell phone posts! They are wonderful inventions and great for emergencies, but they are not leashes.
    For my 18th birthday some friends bought me a pager. And then got annoyed because I didn’t drop what I was doing whenever they paged. I treated like an answering machine, “Oh, so and so wants to talk to me. I guess I’ll call them when I get home.” They thought I should go find a pay phone right away (this WAS 1995, heehee). We are a society obsessed with instant gratification.
    I have an additional theory that some people who are never off their cell phones are unwilling to be alone with their own thoughts. You know, the friend who can’t drive to work or go out on his/her lunch break without calling you? Heaven forbid that they should have to entertain themselves!
    And, can I just rant for a sec about the people who bring their children into the pediatric office where I work and then I have to practically smack the phone out of their hands to find out why they want to see the doctor????? Thanks, I feel better now. =]

  2. Moira 🙂

    Your comment made me laugh and smile! Thanks for the insight into my long wait at the doctor’s office. Isn’t it crazy that a phone can be more important than a live person trying to help you? lol.

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