delight – hangin’ w/ smee

My extremely talented, beautiful, brilliant, and just all around incredible sis came for a visit today.  The kiddos and I had so much fun with her.  The builder was especially sad to see her go tonight.  Things aren’t the same now that she has moved to Vegas, but we’re so happy that she is following her dreams!

The painting above is her fav…and now i know why:  it has wild clouds and she has a thing with clouds.  As soon as i get it back from the midway mercantile show…it will be hers.  An early birthday gift…it won’t be that early by the time the show is over :).

We had a great chat this afternoon while the kiddos napped.  Tears, a lot of opening up, and lots of honesty.  Nothing better.  I hope this site is a place where she can find the way to achieve her goals.  We may have been raised by a perfect mother, but we’ve got a ways to go!  It was good to realize that we have the same fears and frustrations…that we’re both trying to “let go” of things that don’t really matter. 

It helped me better understand what happened growing up and how there are some things that really don’t need to be repeated, carried on, whatever.  Being a wonderful child because you’re afraid of what could happen if you’re not…things to think about…more to explore.  Definitely need to get to the bottom of this so that i can move on and be a better person, mom, wife, etc.

Wonder if anyone else feels overwealmed like i do.  These darling kiddos I’ve been entrusted with deserve the best, and i don’t want them to feel like we did growing up.  That saying sorry doesn’t end things and that it may take days or weeks to get that love back again.  I know, random thoughts, may not make sense to anyone reading this, but it needs to get out of me anyways.

I hope smee feels better and that she can find that joy that we all deserve.  She’s just so amazing.  Luv you lady!

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