development – the great detox

Our good friend and real estate agent, Hilma, is always on the lookout for our lil’ family.  A couple weeks ago she told the designer about a very small home for sale in Midway, sitting on a half acre lot, in one of our favorite neighborhoods.  Square footage-wise it is smaller than our condo and there are stairs (not the best for me).  So the designer didn’t think much of it. 

For some reason it affected it so much more.  I think I come up with crazy ideas/schemes, whatever you want to call them, nearly each week.  Well, here’s one of my latest: I told the designer that i thought we should get rid of at least half of what we own (we probably don’t need it anyways), or put it in storage, move into the little house in Midway, save money, as we save up, add on to the home, and over time, build our dream home. 

Right in line with most of my wild ideas, the designer looked at me, smiled, and said, “yup, i think it’s a crazy idea…we could go through our stuff though, if it makes you feel better.  I think that’s a good idea.”

Maybe it’s the nesting that didn’t come to pass before this past pregnancy, with my early labor and such.  Whatever it is, we are calling it “the great detox.” 

The great detox began this morning.  We’ve decided to get rid of things we aren’t using or won’t use any time soon.  On my list of detox areas:

  • the kiddos’ toys
  • the shoe cupboards
  • above the shoes
  • our room
  • books   
  • the builder’s closet
  • junk drawers
  • clothes
  • garage

The designer was very focused, and mostly thanks to him, the shoe cupboards, and above them are now amazingly better organized and diminished.  Pictured above are before and after shots of the shoe cupboards, and above.  The toys are all sorted and placed in boxes, bins, bags, above the shoes.  This will hopefully avoid the “dumping” from our large toy bins, and overwealming clean-up.  He even went through he kiddos’ books and got rid of a few damaged books. 

It feels great to have a few less things and be a bit more in order.

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