delight – music w/ kiddos

The piano was definitely one of the best gifts my parents have ever given me.  True that it has been moved 6 times since the designer and I married, and is terribly out of tune, but we enjoy it so much.  The kiddos love to play and mess around on it.  Some days we just pound away.  Others we play “animal music,” where we play loud low sounds for an elephant or hippo, small high sounds for a mouse…etc.  Today we went through several books together: The Hymn book, the Children’s Hymn book, and the Moms book that has great nursery rhymes. 

The builder is always amazed when i can play a song he knows.  The dancer loves to let me use her finger to pluck out the tune.  The builderlet me do it for the first time today.  Some days I just want to sit down and play by myself, but we usually end up playing duets.  It’s fun to have a musical instrument we can all play and learn together!

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