theory – learning is messy

Yesterday afternoon the kiddos and I embarked upon a new adventure: scissors.  Yes, I am crazy.  I had been wrapping a birthday gift for the builder’s best friend, and the kiddos wanted in on the fun.  After much begging and my excuses, “scissors are for mommies and daddies…it’s too dangerous…”  The dancer somehow managed to get the safe guard off the scissors and was inspecting them.  When the builder saw this, he too had to have a pair.  And that was when I gave in. 

I put them up on the counter with leftover magazine pages (that i’d been using to wrap the gift…it turned out really cute…i used some pottery barn Superman room pages).  We discussed how to use them and the dangers involved.  The dancer mostly just inspected her scissors, but the builder was really getting it.

All this was going on while I was trying to feed the grower, get each of us a snack before the party, and prepare a salad to bring to the party.  I think the snack and the classical music playing are what saved me from utter confusion and panic.  After a lot of discovery with paper and scissors, and a very intricate mess, the kiddos were satisfied and, thank goodness, unharmed.  It did seem a miracle that no one got hurt, considering the ages of the two: 3 and almost 2 years.  I guess the injuries don’t necessarily come when they are learning, but when you feel they are safe, right?

It was exciting to watch them learn in different ways.  The builder is a doer.  He gets right into it.  Tries to hold the scissors in different ways and just goes for it.  The dancer is a thinker.  She is busy watching the builder and myself…figuring out the correct way to hold the scissors, exactly what and how they work. 

Ultimately, I realized that there will be many scary or tense learning moments being a mom of these 3 kiddos.  When they learn, there will probably be a mess involved, and that just has to be okay. 

And how is it for each of us?  Is learning messy no matter how old we are?  I believe it is.  Sure, it’s pretty obvious that when I am creating a new meal for dinner, I may not know which tools will be best to use, or may dirty more dishes.  But other times, when I am learning something new, things don’t always take the amount of time I desired, and it might “mess-up,” or alter, another part of my life: my schedule, goals, etc.  Learning isn’t always perfect and easy.  It takes practice, work, patience, and clean-up time.

So how does it relate to the daily delights theory?  Well, learning takes time and giving yourself joy requires learning sometimes….which means, making a mess: whether physically or figuratively.

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