discovery – fox printing

Ok, so maybe not a new discovery, but a rediscovery for sure.  Paula, at Fox Design & Print Team, and I are currently emailing back and forth, working on my painting postcards…

I first used Fox Printing when producing new business cards for Landaco (a landscape design-build firm i worked at in Vegas).  I’d gone through most of the print companies in Vegas’ yellow pages and decided on Fox design.  Being a smaller print place with smaller overhead and less employees help them keep prices down.  The business cards created looked great.

A year later, I’d moved to Utah, but used them again to make greeting cards with some of my watercolor paintings.  Once again, the pricing was so reasonable and the quality, wonderful.  I’ve sold quite a few, enough to cover my cost.  Now I enjoy giving them to friends and family.  When gals in the ward were watching out kiddos or bringing us meals i would give them a pack of the cards as a thank you.  The builder loved letting them pick a pack from the box.  Now they are nearly gone.  Good thing I can work with the Fox team again.

If you’re looking for a small or relatively small print job, in Vegas, or not, check out Fox.  I’ve been really happy with them!

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