development – art show

Saturday afternoon our lil’ family had enjoyed a new local sandwich shop and were driving down Main, when I spotted a friend taking a painting into the Midway Mercantile.  It was then I remembered that we needed to bring our art to Lynette at the store for the Art Association’s show.  The pieces weren’t due till yesterday, but we would be at Bear Lake, so I ran over the paintings that afternoon.  Thanks to Marilyn for also turning in her painting early…and while we were driving by…:)

Because I had just brought a painting home from Accents and had given a painting for Sundance (I’ll try to post on it tomorrow), I chose to bring some paintings from home that haven’t been framed.  After I turned the paintings in to one of the employees, she gave me some postcards to pass out.  As I looked at the flyer, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the painting shown was actually mine!  Funnier still was that I had not included it with my entries for I had just given it to Andy at Accents. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be around for the artist’s reception.  We leave tomorrow for the OC and my brother’s homecoming from his mission in Korea the past two years.  So excited to see him…definitely worth missing the show.  So if you’re around, go to the party…I hear Lynette throws a great soiree.  She’s fabulous!  Or if you’re anywhere near Midway between now and October 4th, stop by and see the show.  Art Association Members with lots of local art…should be fantastic.

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