delight – new goals

Here are some new delight goals for exercise and spiritual growth.  Sometimes I just need to write them down and then reevaluate them later.  There are some that I’m already doing, but I need to be more organized about it and make a system:)

Exercise: 5-6 activities per week

                 2-3 bike rides each week (fhe, riding to grandma’s, to the office)

                 2-3 pilates workouts (with & without the kiddos)

                 1-2 walks through the old districts of town pushing & wearing the kiddos

Spiritual: 20 minutes each day…

                  scriptures – (topic study as well as page by page)

                  lessons (relief, Sunday school)

                  vt message

                  conference talks/ensign

                  hymns (learn to play, learn about)

                  record what i learn & feel

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